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March 22, 2018

Perks of being a Queenslander are plentiful. But none more so than the added advantage of the multitude of epic sideshows that we’re getting because of Download Festivals Aussie debut. Tonight sees us descend upon Riverstage for what is a punk kids wet dream. NO-fucking-FX. 

As the gates open,we are treated to the aussie super group, the one and only Dad Religion. A cover band that completely blows everyone away wherever they play, DR deliver the brilliance of well known punk tunes in their own...

March 3, 2018

My childhood was launched into the stratosphere the moment that The X-Files touched down in Australia. It helped an entire generation to question everything and to trust no one. For this review though, that's as much as i'm going to reference this iconic show. Tonight is all about David Duchovny and his stellar voice. 

The opening act of tonight's show is Winterbourne. A humble folk duet from the Central Coast of NSW. These two lads have earned their spot to open for Duchovny across the country...

January 29, 2018

Machine Head’s latest offering Catharsis has copped a lot of bad press around its release. But I'm here to tell you that all the critics are wrong. Catharsis is a solid album and requires the recognition that it rightly deserves. You want the opinion of a Machine Head fan? You got it. 

The Californian metal stalwarts are solidly embedded in our hearts and heads with their signature harmonics and 'balls to the wall’ lyrics. Every song on their latest offering is not only a new offering, but a th...

January 27, 2018

Hotter Than Hell. Yeah, that's one way to put it. Gone are the days of summer festivals, but a new breed is born and it’s rivals are going to have to bring more than their ‘A’ game to measure up to this. 

Perhaps its the unlikely location, or the humidity under a big top tent, but strolling into a festival at 2pm is somewhat foreign these days. The organisers of Hotter Than Hell have been busy bringing some of the nations greatest rock artists to us this year and the Redland Bay leg of this fes...

December 30, 2017

The NightQuarter is fast becoming one of the Gold Coast's premium live music venues. And tonight’s show has a lot of expectations to live up to. Branding this show as 'The Best Night Ever’ is a big claim, but the organisers and promoters have delivered the best way to close out 2017 and yes, possibly the best night ever. 

Wandering into the NightQuarter close to dusk, everyone seems to be in good spirits and are ready to put the last bit of energy they have from 2017 into a stellar night. Kicki...

September 25, 2017

In days of old, knights would sit around and regale the masses with stories of their accomplishments, whilst minstrels and jesters performed. Tonight however, the tables have turned. A real life modern day knight, Sir Elton John, performs for us, while the minstrels and jesters of this crowd will tell this tale until their dying days. This certainly is a 'Once In A Lifetime’ performance.

When first learning of Sir Elton's tour of regional areas of Australia, i was taken aback. Not knowing why he...

September 17, 2017

AFI are a band that need no introduction. The band has been a reckoning force since the late 90s, winning over a plethora of fans and acquiring new ones with each subsequent album release.

Giving this gig the warm up treatment is Newcastle local quartet Introvert. Solid melodies with a perfect rhythm section accompaniment, these lads definitely have the chops to hold the stage of Eatons Hill Hotel on their own and rightly deserve their spot on this bill. Keep a watchful eye on these guys they su...

August 30, 2017

Shuffling en masse into Eatons Hill Hotel on a Tuesday night, everyone feels like this is the perfect way to kick off the week after a Monday, that we all feel, deserves to be in the past where it belongs.

We’re all here with for one reason, to allow Stone Sour to kick our arses into hyperdrive and witness one of the most energetic, stratospheric, brutal shows that Brisbane has seen in recent times.

Leading off the night is Bare Bones, this Sydney based powerhouse is the perfect way to kick the n...

July 10, 2017

In 1997, there were 3 things you needed for high school. Text books, pens and a exceptional knowledge of every single lyric of Grinspoon’s debut album ‘Guide To Better Living’. But leave the stationary at home, because tonight’s sold out show at The Tivoli only calls for one of these items. 

Brisbane based trio Good Boy open tonight's proceedings. Their clean guitar and grooving bass lines provide the perfect set-up for what inevitably will follow. These lads certainly pack a punch t...

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