June 5, 2019

Making her first trek to Australia in five years, British singer-songwriter Anna Calvi is keen to showcase her latest album, Hunter as well as some of the wild guitar artistry we've come to expect on her upcoming tour.

As she prepares for the harsh Australian winter, British singer-songwriter Anna Calvi spoke to Christian Stanger on the Everblack podcast about what she's looking forward to down under and gets personal about her latest record.

Check it out HERE :

Anna Calvi will be playing sho...

April 16, 2019

The last time Anna Calvi played Brisbane she left a lasting impression on all that were there to witness her power.

Wielding her Telecaster like a weapon and bending it to her will as she belted out tunes from her eponymous debut album, Calvi destroyed all comers on the bill at St Jerome’s Laneway in 2012.
Well, thank God she’s on her way back! The British singer-songwriter has announced her return to Australia this year, with some shows to accompany her slot at Tasmania’s Dark Mofo festival.

April 29, 2018

The Back Room was the last place I expected The Cribs to choose to play when they announced this tour earlier in the year. They’ve been playing The Zoo to smaller than average crowds for the last decade but the move seems to have paid off with a nearly full Back Room spilling through the doors for a night of caustic indie punk.

Concrete Surfers are an unknown local entity to most of the crowd as they appeared on stage. The young five-piece proved the perfect support with a Cribs-influenced in...

April 11, 2018

They came armed with Marshall stacks, flamboyant shirts, face-melting solos, and stage moves that challenge the likes to The Darkness and come out on top.

What might have started out as a few wine induced covers in the jam space has resulted in one of Australia’s finest rock acts, honoring one of England’s. This is a tribute in every sense of the word, Tim Rogers clearly respects every note “the Tap” ever recorded and only wants to dispel the myth brought on by the release of documentary ‘Thi...

April 29, 2017

Well, it looks like word gets around. 18 months after playing one of the most glorious rock shows The Tivoli had ever seen, The Darkness bring their glam rock revival and a litany of bad wardrobe choices back to Australia tonight to a much bigger crowd, tightly packed into the ground floor of the Eatons Hill Hotel (seriously, would it kill them to open up the balcony?). There is way too much leather and spandex in the crowd tonight, which is to say there wasn’t quite enough. It’s The Darkness a...

January 23, 2017

Tonight is all about winding back the clock and Behind Crimson Eyes do a pretty good job of it playing their brand of post-hardcore emo tracks which are mostly firmly rooted in the mid 2000’s. The crowd is relatively small but building as the punters filter through the gates in drips and drabs but the band are armed with their game faces and an arsenal of very recognisable singles from years ago like Shakedown and The Bonesmen that are played flawlessly and with passion. I admire that. Fantasti...

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